Sketchbook, Watercolor

Watercolor #16

7″x10″, painted 7/26/2010. I really liked the structure of this scene with the multiple signs and the great contrast in colors between all of the blues and the orange of the signs. I think the awning turned out better in me warm-up painting (#15) than it did here, but I might still touch that up. Overall, it was a good day of painting.


4 thoughts on “Watercolor #16

    • Thanks for the comment. I really like the composition in this painting too. By the way, you’re the second person from Indiana to comment on my blog and I’m wondering how you found me?

  1. See your tag up there that says, watercolor? Click on that. It will take you to a page on wordpress with other new watercolor posts. When you click on another’s tag it will take you to their specific post. If you want to view their whole blog, click on their Home tab or blog name and the whole blog will open up. It was just chance that we, from Indiana, commented first.

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