drawing, Painting, Sketchbook, Watercolor

LA Sketchbook

Over a week long adventure leading my students through the cultural riches of LA I tried to sneak in a few drawings and paintings. The city was as green as I’ve ever seen it and truly felt like the sunshine state it is!

drawing, Painting, Sketchbook

Art of the Sketchbook

One of my favorite new courses I have created at my school is the Art of the Sketchbook.  This year, I had an opportunity to teach this a second time and to collaborate with another teacher at my school who is an english teacher.  Together we worked to help our students in this course develop a strong creative habit of using their sketchbooks as a way to see and understand the world through both images and words.  The images below are from my own sketchbook as I worked along with my students throughout the course.




Consuming Culture on Black Friday

Screen Print, Sketchbook

Been a While . . .

Its been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been making lots of stuff. Here is a poster I busted out this week for our first Arts festival at school called C’DAT. This is actually the test print.