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Art of the Sketchbook

One of my favorite new courses I have created at my school is the Art of the Sketchbook.  This year, I had an opportunity to teach this a second time and to collaborate with another teacher at my school who is an english teacher.  Together we worked to help our students in this course develop a strong creative habit of using their sketchbooks as a way to see and understand the world through both images and words.  The images below are from my own sketchbook as I worked along with my students throughout the course.


Two Installations in One Day

Today was pretty awesome as I worked with students to put up two quick art installations around school. The first was a tape drawing installation where students recreated blind contour studies of birds from their sketchbooks. The students were very skeptical at first, but after the experience I kept seeing them showing their work to their friends. I think they were surprisingly pleased by their tape drawings.

Second, a pair of students and I utilized laser cut stencils to create an interactive installation for an upper school student event tonight. The stencils and the crushed chalk worked just as planned.

Today, I finally felt like this new community got a glimpse of what I bring to the table and how I hope to make the Arts shine brighter throughout the school. It was a good day.