As I’m rounding up my 9th year living in the city of Tacoma, I’m happy to call this region of the country and the city of destiny my home!  As one of my fellow Tacoman, Tom Llewellyn, wrote today in the TNT, Art Saved Tacoma and the project below is a small bit of my contribution to the vibrant arts scene of Tacoma. I hope you get a chance to see or find one of these creations out in the wild!


Two Installations in One Day

Today was pretty awesome as I worked with students to put up two quick art installations around school. The first was a tape drawing installation where students recreated blind contour studies of birds from their sketchbooks. The students were very skeptical at first, but after the experience I kept seeing them showing their work to their friends. I think they were surprisingly pleased by their tape drawings.

Second, a pair of students and I utilized laser cut stencils to create an interactive installation for an upper school student event tonight. The stencils and the crushed chalk worked just as planned.

Today, I finally felt like this new community got a glimpse of what I bring to the table and how I hope to make the Arts shine brighter throughout the school. It was a good day.