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Wayzgoose 2019 – Constructing Tacoma

I didn’t originally plan to do a steamroller print this year, but I’m glad I did. This is definitely one of my all time favorites! I struggled in the middle of the project interpreting the foliage of the four bridges and figuring out how they would connect. It wasn’t until I finally printed it that I knew it was going to all come together. The print highlights four minor bridges in Tacoma that don’t get their fair share of the lime light. The four bridges are:

1911 : N. 21st bridge

1927 : Proctor st. bridge

1930 : Tacoma ave bridge ( Near the Holy Rosary church)

1947 : E. 34th st. bridge ( Near Stanley & Seaforts)



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Flowercloud – A Lincoln District Revitalization Project

Today along with my partner Lance Kagey of Beautiful Angle fame, we wrapped up our public art project in the Lincoln District of Tacoma.  It was super cold and snowy this morning setting up our tent for the Lunar New Year Festival, but the crowds stills came out to celebrate and we had a chance to send off the last of our 100 Flowercloud kits into the community. Many thanks to the City’s Office of Arts & Cultural Vitality and the Arts Commission for funding our project! Take a look at our project from start to finish in the pictures here.  It was lots of work, but super fun to be a part of the revitalization efforts of this beautiful neighborhood!